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Journal of Advanced Ceramics  2013, Vol. 2 Issue (4): 347-352    doi: 10.1007/s40145-013-0082-9
Research Article     
Synthetic process and spark plasma sintering of SrIrO3 composite oxide
Yongshang TIANab,Yansheng GONGab*,Zhaoying LIa,Feng JIANGa,Hongyun JINab
aFaculty of Material Science and Chemistry, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan 430074, People’s Republic of China
bEngineering Research Center and Application of Nano-Geomaterials of Ministry of Education, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan 430074, People’s Republic of China
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Single phase of SrIrO3 powders and ceramics were obtained by solid-state chemical reaction method and spark plasma sintering (SPS) technique, respectively. Phase evolutions, characteristics, morphology and resistivity of the samples were studied by using thermogravimetric analysis–differential scanning calorimetry (TG–DSC), X-ray diffractometry (XRD), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) and four-point probe method, respectively. The results showed that the reaction process to form SrIrO3 phase occurred between SrCO3 and IrO2 directly during the heating process. By using optimum fabrication conditions established from the TG–DSC results, single phase of SrIrO3 powders was synthesized at 800–1000 ℃. SrIrO3 ceramics were sintered by SPS technique at 1000–1100 ℃ with a pressure of 30 MPa, showing a high relative density of 92%–96% and dense microstructure. The room-temperature resistivity of SrIrO3 ceramics was about 2×10-4 Ω?m. The present study can provide high-quality ceramic target for the preparation of SrIrO3 films in traditional physical vapor deposition (PVD) method.

Key wordsSrIrO3      powder      controllable synthesis      spark plasma sintering (SPS)     
Received: 08 July 2013      Published: 10 October 2013
Corresponding Authors: Yansheng GONG   
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Yongshang TIAN,Yansheng GONG,Zhaoying LI,Feng JIANG,Hongyun JIN. Synthetic process and spark plasma sintering of SrIrO3 composite oxide. Journal of Advanced Ceramics, 2013, 2(4): 347-352.

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Fig. 1 TG–DSC curves for mixed powders of SrCO3 and IrO2 at RIr/Sr=1. The inset shows the SrCO3 powders’ TG curve.
Fig. 2 XRD patterns of synthesized SrIrO3 powders at different calcination temperatures.
Fig. 3 FESEM image of synthesized SrIrO3 powders at 850 ℃.
Fig. 4 The cumulative distribution of synthesized SrIrO3 powders at 850 ℃.
Fig. 5 XRD patterns of SrIrO3 ceramics by SPS technique at different conditions.
Fig. 6 FESEM images of SrIrO3 ceramic fracture surface sintered at 30 MPa and (a) 1000 ℃, (b) 1050 ℃, (c) 1100 ℃ by SPS technique.
Fig. 7 Typical sintering displacement and heating curves of the SrIrO3 ceramics by SPS technique.
Fig. 8 Shrinkage rate of SrIrO3 ceramics sintered by SPS with increasing sintering temperature.
Temperature (℃)Relative density (%)RIr/SrBulk resistivity (10-4Ω·m)
Table 1 Relative density, RIr/Sr and electrical resistivity of SrIrO3 ceramics
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